Friday, March 14, 2014

Autistic Role Modles

This post that I am writing about is tied to what i am writing about the last time. I said Temple Graindin is one of the few people I do like as a person and someone that motivate me as a person. I have to say that she is not my role model because she mostly into her thing with her carreer with animals mostly the way of dealing with the cows. She also do not that that we should not be fixated in our disorders and being more of a disability activists. I do have role models that are famous how ever non of them do not have autism and it just sad that I could not name someone that is diagnosed that people know except her.

I know historically there are some people that might be in the spectrum like Albert Einstine or Thomas Jefferson or Mozart. However people can't say they are autistic because they are like genesis and stuff and that is not the case half of the time. I just wish there was someone on the spectrum that is a athlete or a singer or activist. Just compare to one famous person with autism is kind of annoying in the way. Like I said few times before I am  different from another autistic person.

I knew some of the autistic people that are famous however only a few people outside of the community knew them. I will list most of them some other time. For now I have to say i do have some people that I do look up to.

I have a couple of autistic friends that I mostly talk to online I do look up to some of them because some of them have like the same passion as I am. One day I hope could find someone that I would one day.

I also hope that that if someone is on the autism spectrum they could also look up to me for inspiration. That is one of the main goals that I would have in the future.

Thursday, March 6, 2014

I Not Temple Grandon

I am actually doing my own opinion on this blog I just read like few weeks ago. I actually agree that this person that wrote the blog about this issue mostly in women that is on the autism spectrum. I will post her original blog right below. 

I realize that there are not too much women on the autism spectrum as they much with men. One person that a lot of people knew about even someone is one on the spectrum or not is Temple Granden. I admit I did like her as a person. However I am slowly am tired of people know only her as the famous one and might get compare to. 

The reason why I say this because most of the people will see her books or  movie that is based on her life. When I told some people that I am autistic, some people will ask me you know Temple Granden. I mean I know her when I was in elementary or middle school years. When I heard of  her I was shock and amazed that there was  someone that I older that understands how my mind works. I have seen her talk twice and I do like some of the topics she talked about. She is straight to the point just like me. 

The sad thing is that a lot of people do not know other people that is on the spectrum especially in women and I will talk about that more in detail some other time. I not even close to be like her. People is having stereotypes that autistic people are like Temple Granden and this is when the comparisons come into play. 

I am not like a genus like her. Like I said before I am smart in some things and some things take me longer to learn. I just have the average inelegance. Like I said before most autistic people are not even savant and people would think that we are but it just a slim chance to find someone that is on the autism spectrum and savant. 

Also Temple Grand in is the type of person that is not into relationships and raising kids. This popular culture that autistic people that prefer not to be in the relationships. I did said that is a really big stereotype people used all the time. I mean I know autistic people that are gay bi or even married. There are some people that are not on the spectrum that do not want to get married. It just a choice anyways to be in the relationships. Temple has a choice to choose her career than being in the relationships and that makes her happy. I know autistic people that have kids and they happy they have kids. That also a choice to raise kids or not. It just not or anyone.

I would not say she is not my role model. She does inspire me somewhat. I just wish there is more people on the spectrum that a lot o people knew more. There are more autistic people in the world and I wish there are other autistics I would also inspire but it is so limited of well known as Temple Granden.