Friday, April 4, 2014

Autism Awareness Month

The month of April is Awareness month. The original way of Autism Awareness month is mostly run by Autism Speaks. I never been interested on the organization when i was younger. As I got older I realize from my other autistic friends that the organization it not what it stands for. It mostly like finding cures and treatments. It also does not have any of Autistic people on the campaign. It just does not make many since to me to light the color blue if organization is not involving people like myself. So even though is a month I will detumain to do my best to spread the awareness. I mostly would do the awareness that they are older people that are autistic and we still have our struggles. Like I said before it is easier to assume that the cut off age of having autism is eighteen but realistically we are still going to have it as an adult. I would tell anyone make sure if someone is autistic please make sure to get to know us. Yes we have issues socially and other issues but don't just avoid us. Well this the introduction of what is going on for the month of April.

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