Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Lack Of Eye Contact

This subject here is the one that a lot of people need to understand. I can give eye contact to anyone that I am talking to face to face. The problem is that looking directly in the eye is really unconfertable. That feeling itself is like someone just though chemicals in my eye sockets. I also feel violated when people look directly into my eyes. It like looking at my soul and it is so unconertable. I do try my best to do that having the eyecontact. I have to look at something else like the corner of the wall. My issue is that people get mad when I do not give them eye contact. I could hear them fine. I just use my ears to listen to them of course so I could understand what they are saying to me better. It not easy for me to have eye contact however I will try my best to work aound that issue. The conclusion of the issue of having lack of having eye contact is dealing with lack of eye contact does not mean we trying to be rude. It just mean that it just hard for us to give eye contact to people. It also mean that it just having a harder time giving people eye contact. It also mean that we do hear what you are saying. All I say it just to be patent  that it does take time.

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