Monday, January 6, 2014

Overcoming Obsticals of my Childhood

Like I say before I was diagnosed with Autism at the age of 3 or 4 and I am 24 years of ages so if anyone know the math yest it was the 90's era at the time. It was a hard thing to deal with especially for my parents, mostly my mom, since my dad is a truck driver and he was over the road a lot.My mom was one of the main people and still is one of the main people that got me to be who I am today. I also  went though so much therapy like speech occupational physical and music but she also was hands on with me how to communicate such as sign language.Right now I could not remember what my first word was but it is a miracle to everyone that I am talking though.I would say that music therapy is the one that  help me the most and it mostly save my life.That is one of the reason why I love music to this day. Kindergarten was the time that I knew when I figured out I  was different.I do not remember to to much of the time back then however, I do remember the first half I was in special education class and then got me in the mainstream class. As I got into first grade I have try doing that but I said not like the other kids in the autistic class so I was in the regular class so ever since then I have done mainstream class but I have some help but I will talk about it some other time. Second grade was hell mostly because the teacher does not get me at all and me and her did bump heads.She does not understand how I am. One time My class and another class were doing a Thanksgiving play and she assign me as a Pilgrim and I was so mad I argued with her and told her I wanted to be an Native American. The main reason why is because I have a more realistic mindset and of course I could not pull of that look since I am darker.In third grade was the year I have have a mature side to me.One example I have is I  had a crush on a guy at a time but,he is really older since he was my teachers son at the time.I kind of got teased for that my class always ask me about that.But that year is not as bad for me. Forth grade is the best year for me at that period and that because the teacher I have believes in me since day one and also she is so funny and also have like the soulful in her and she is still the only few teachers in my life that I would have in my life she was at my high school graduation and I would invite her to my wedding stuff like that I love her so much I don't know what I do with out her. Fifth grade is the most stressful year because is the transitioning period to middle school and as a autistic person, I do not do well with change. I will not see some of the people again and it would be more scary to see what sixth grade is going to be. Socially it was kind of easier a bit but I did not know I suppose to see friends after school so mostly I did not think about hanging out with them outside of school or calling them i was mostly homework and playing with toys. I rather go to the library to read nonfiction books then going outside because of the hot weather mostly and sometimes there were gnats. If I have to go to recess I mostly be on the swings and I can look back and that is part of a sensory output that I have. Also during the lunch hours at that time its not as bad because we have to sit with our class and i was not as stressful to much and I did not think to much about fitting in or anything like that. I have been teased a bit also but is not as like bulling teasing to much. Well this concludes my Elementary School year experience.

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