Saturday, January 11, 2014

To Be Cured Or Not To Be Cured?

This is one of the topic that is somewhat debatable in the autism community.When I was younger, I did not like being autistic at the time. The reason why is that  I wanted to be just like everyone else to the point that I did not want to be make fun of for my weirdness or my awkwardness with people. I also do not like that I was the outcast and I was struggling fit into society. At those times I thought if the cure came I could be normal and I could be popular and my classmates will get to know me.Also the  teachers wont be intimidated by me or treated me differently. When I was like my junior year of high school, I have this dream that when I was not autistic.I was  this popular girl and was bulling someone that is nerdy or the outcast.After I bullied the person, a lot of people worship me and lift me up like I was like this queen of the school. I realize is not right so my mindset has changed as I woke up. that's when I started  getting to accept myself.  I still  wanted to keep my autism it to myself.The reason was that  I do not want the rejection or making fun off at the time.I also did not feel comfortable telling people because of their reaction. In 2009 I meet someone that changed my life and taught me that it does not matter what people think.So I wanted to get to know other people on the spectrum online and  I meat some really interesting people on it. Couple of them I still really good friends with. Some of them were talking about boycotting Autism Speaks and at those times I did not really think about the organization at the t time. One day  I watch some of the Autism Speaks  videos read some about them on Facebook and I was so surprised that they would do such a thing. They don't even have autistic people at the organization. They also say they destroy families and its like a crises like we are like the plague or something . They also trying to use the money mostly  do recherche for the cure.  One of the reasons why I not for the cure because personally is something I am born with and it just makes me a interesting person . I am really straight forward and I see in pictures and also I will take the information the best that I know how. I also think is a wiring in the brain so if I did have the cure i mean I could have brain damage and it would not be a good thing. The other reason is that I would not be the same person as I am right now I am a type of person that does give people a chance. Also I am really open minded on certain things. Also if my autism is taking away I would not have my passion or my interest that i have now and it would be a different situation. I know having autism has it struggles how ever everyone has there obstetrical and that is how life is. Now I do accepted it as a part of me. I still don't tell everyone about it but it's ok if people could accept that about me that is  cool and if not is there lost. I hope anyone that read this could understand my reasons of having a cure or not having a cure.

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  1. I love this! Don't ever change, as autism is a blessing!